Jewellery Box – DIY


A gift for each of the grandmothers.

If you follow the blog you know how I love anything personalised.We came across the boxes on a trip to our local PNA and they weren’t to badly priced at R 26.00

I already had the spray paint from a previous project  and had my local printer do the gold vinyls after I designed them on Word and PDF-ed them.

What  you will need:

  • Box – You can select the size
  • Spray paint or an acrylic paint and brush – Once again you can select the colour
  • Personalised Vinyls or Letter Stickers
  • Marble Contact Paper – Optional
  • Utility Knife or sharp scissors for Contact paper
  • Ruler and Pencil to measure Contact paper

To do:

  1. Start by unscrewing all the little hinges and the clasp – set this aside.mgfabox.02       mgfabox.03                         
  2. Lay down newspaper or a plastic in the area you will be spraying – remember this needs to be a well ventilated area. If using the acrylic paints make sure your brushes are clean and your work surface is covered.
  3. Spray and allow to dry  – you may want to then do a 2nd coat if you feel you need to.I did the 1st coat with spray paint and then used my white acrylic paint and brush to finish it.mgfabox.05
  4. Measure and cut out the Marble Contact paper for the inside of the box and adhere it to the inside of the box (inner base and inner lid)  – Remember this is optional and you can just as easily keep it the same colour as the outside of the box.
  5. Screw in all the hinges and clasp.
  6. Add the Vinyl Names on to the lid of the box

Finished Product #sopretty






Jelly Bean Tic-Tac-Toe incl’s Free Printable


I’ve wanted to do this for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t exactly age appropriate.I played it over the December Holidays with my little guy and he loved it.

I figured we would spoil all the kids in his classroom with a little yummy Jelly Bean Tic-Tac-Toe (I used to just call it Noughts and Crosses in my day). I bought the jelly beans from Clicks for R14.99 a pkt.See previous post to see what the packet looks like.


You more than welcome to click below and print out the free printable and do the same.

TIC TAC TOE Free Printables

Spur Steak Ranches – Kids Valentine’s Day Love Cards


We love to do a little something for our classmates for Valentine’s Day.We have been doing this since Nursery School Days.

I absolutely adore these Love Cards from Spur Steak Ranches.

See Below as to how we incorporated them into our gift giving.



Click here to go directly to the Spur Website to download the LOVE CARDS


Valentine’s Day – Coconut Macaroons


These are probably my go to sweet treats for just about any occasion.

I tried them for the 1st time last year and they were winners all round.You can see the link here

If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed I played with colour over the Christmas period and they looked divine.I actually had to hide them because they kept slowly disappearing throughout the day.

They are super easy to make – perhaps even a great idea for those Cake and Candy sale 7th Graders.

What you need:

  • 200g Pkt of Coconut
  • 1 Tin of Condensed Milk
  • Food Colouring – Optional
  • Sprinkles etc – Optional
  • Silicone Baking sheet – or a well oiled/sprayed Baking Tray
  • Spoons or a Small Cookie Scoop

To Do:

Preheat Oven to  200 Degrees Celsius.

Mix the Condensed Milk and the Coconut together in a bowl until all combined – this is the perfect time to add in your food  colouring if you so desire – I used Red. Spoon out into small-sized balls onto the baking tray , decorate as desired.I used pretty little Silver Candy Coated Heats (Nicoletta) and little white Fondant Confetti Sugar Hearts.


So as you can see they are definitely Little Yummy Winners and perfect for Bake Sales etc and treating your family and friends.




Time Management for Kids – Incl Free Printable


time management for kids

Its been a rough start to the New School Year.The routine we had last year has had to be adjusted somewhat as the work load has increased.

Actually to say its been a struggle is an understatement.

On the positive side mornings are great.We don’t have moaning to get up any longer and its pretty easy to get  ready for school.

Its after school thats been the struggle.

This is what we usually do

  1. Arrive home (14:00 – 14:30)
  2. Get changed ( this usually means  remove school shoes and school uniform) while lunch is prepared.
  3. Eat lunch
  4. Go Shower
  5. Begin homework – this was the problem because from the time we started homework which was usually  just after 15:00 homework lasted until 17:30 on a bad day.There have been a lot more bad days then good days.
  6. 17:30 means I start supper and would have one child wondering the house alone and the other still doing homework and needing my assistance #hectic

My thoughts are constantly with working moms – if those kids haven’t got a structured homework schedule for their afternoons and you still need to get home, cook and attend to their homework needs (ouch thats just painful and you constantly in my thoughts and prayers).

The Breakthrough:

I had to find a solution I just had to.

I’ve spent the last few days analyzing our time and the way we do things.Where I could nip or steal minutes from.What could I do that would allow us to buy more time?

Today it finally fell into place and I’m thrilled and so are the boys.

Its 15:35 and they are DONE

I usually get to school close to 20 minutes before the bell rings so I’m one of the 1st at the gate to pick up the 2nd grader.Then we jump in the car and go and collect my little man and the nanny at school.This is a 20 minute drive.

So today instead of sitting at the school killing 20 minutes I 1st went to fetch my little man and the nanny at school ( a little less outdoor play but…) and arrived in time to fetch the 2nd grader.We won 25 minutes.

This meant that we showered and had lunch and started homework by 14:10.

We did everything on the list with plenty of time to spare.He finally had time to play and best of all there were no tears of frustration…from either one of us!!!!

  • arrive home
  • go shower – I timed the shower to 10 minutes
  • have lunch  – I allow for one cartoon while they eating
  • do homework – TV is switched off
  • relax

I’ve shared the above with you not to gloat but simply because it has been a pretty frustrating time getting this right.If the above set up can assist in your child/children getting some sort of structure and time arrangement into their afternoon routine then why not share it.I wish I had had something like this in place when I was a kid, I spent the afternoons at my gran and pretty much did nothing but play outside and watch TV until my mom picked me up then I’d conveniently remember I had homework much to my tired mom’s frustration,thus having many a night spent in tears doing homework.

If your child goes to family or is looked after by a nanny or someone else in the afternoons perhaps having them adhere to a similar breakdown might help you (stay sane) and add structure to your little ones afternoon.

Organising and the to-do-list has changed significantly this year as well.The boys are older and I’ve shifted responsibility in accordance to their age , I’m trying to put a little more responsibility on to them , such at remembering to ask me for their vitamins and because demerits are given if parents don’t sign diaries they also have to remember to get me to sign the diary.

I’ve put these signs up on our wall in the kitchen as its where we all convene in the mornings before school.I laminated it so it stays clean and so that we can use a maker pen on it.Its pretty plain but they work.We have had them up for 3 days now and all Vitamins have been taken (myself incl) and everything has been signed and sent to school ‘VIVA”


Click  here Reminder Signs to open and print it out.



Valentine Tassel Keyring


Valentine Tassel Keyring

You see them everywhere these days……


On clothing , on accessories , on jewellery , tassels are very in right now.Even in home decor from blankets to pillows.

It’s a really cheap and really quick Ombre Tassel Key ring you can do for a friend, a teacher , your sister.Anyone you just want to spoil really!


You going to need: Embroidery Thread, Keyring ,Washi Tape, Scissors, Cardboard / Card


The height of your card is the length of your tassel so you can decide. The length of my Gautrain Card was perfect.









Secure the embroidery thread with a little washi tape











The begin to neatly wrap your tread around the card until the desired thickness ,snip off when finished.Now ct another piece of tread about 10cm long












Slip the 10 cm piece of thread through from one side to the other and tie a knot as tight as possible


It should look like this. Take a scissors and though the loops in the bottom.











Cut another piece of thread and wrap and knot it about 1cm below the knot you have just made.


There you go! All done. At this stage – trim the bottom to neaten the edge and slip through the keyring










Good Luck – please share your tassel DIY’s  with me with the hashtag #tasseldiy

To get more Tassel Inspiration Click Here



12 Month Savings Challenge – Remember to Save

Jan savings

The 1st month of the year done and dusted.Bet you were counting the days  for this Payslip, January always feels like the longest month.

I just dropped by to remind you to save January’s amount from the Challenge.

Your debit orders and monthly payments should have been down by so remember to save.

Its not major and wont dent your pocket.  R120.00 – that’s all.

If you can afford and want to save more this month I suggest you pick a figure from another month from Feb to December and save that amount.then scratch that month out and put that money away.

Click below to view the full 12 month breakdown.

52 week 12 month Savings Challenge South Africa 2015

Good Luck and all the best.


February 2016 Calendar Freebie


Keeping my promise, this time it’s from Denise Johnson from

So beautiful just perfect for the special month that honours LOVE.My Phone and desktop look so stunning and organised.

Each month I promised I’d share with you my favourite Free Calendar Printables / Downloads I come across.There are such amazing talented people.

Thank you Denise for the beautiful Free Printables /Downloads

Follow instructions on the link above to download or print.Browse Cu-rio’s website – I’m loving the Easy Valentine’s Day Treat and The Valentines Day Printables.

Click on the link below to download the above for either your phone or desktop.

February Wallpapers



My Blog and its Future – DAY 30 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


My Blog and its Future


My blog has become part of who I am.Its also opened me to ideas and goals I never thought Id want.

The last 30 days has had me really do research and look at the future of my blog and what it is.Yes I’m a mommy blogger(I’m a mom it’s who I am), yes a parent but  is my blog a Parenting Blog?I think I might fall under  “Mommy-Lifestyle Blogger”I’ve gone back and looked at my criteria and I’ve shared recipes , DIY’s , arts & crafts ,saving advice from my family to yours, I share the Fab Finds I love and think you would love too.My children aren’t babies or toddlers anymore and I find myself and the content of the blog transition and this is the year.

This year sees me being a lot more active on the blog.

I want to do a lot more giveaways – share the Fab Finds I come across with you.

This year sees me inviting more visitors and views to the blog.

Social Media Goals:

1000 – Facebook Followers

1000 – Instagram Followers

1000 – Twitter Followers

1000 – Visits or Views on the blog per day

I’ve really enjoyed being more active on the blog over the last month.I’ve enjoyed the little daily challenge of posting.Its taught me to be clever with my time and scheduling.

Heres to a lot more posts and great content.

Thank you for dropping by and please do come again and again and again lol.



A Confession – DAY 29 – 30 Day Blog Challenge

A Confession


I have always thought I d be the mom to a girl.A Daughter with dark brown eyes and long brown hair.

In fact when hubby and I chatted about our future and our hopes and dreams a little girl was always part of the picture.We even picked out a name Serana (this was way before Ben and Jeni got together) and the name died out and became the name of a future Beach Villa we would have”Villa Serana” with double SS as door handles.(you can picture it right?)

Anyway fast forward to a more clear reality and two beautiful boys later.

We started speaking about adding a third child in the hopes of a little sister for the boys.My husband is a magnet for little girls they absolutely love him and he is putty in their hands.He just melts.Layla – Lee would be her name.

We thought of this for a while and were really considering it…………………………

Then we went on holiday with my Aunt,Uncle and my to Cousins.One of them a hormonal female teen.


Can I go on record and say it has been by far the best contraception ever – a glimpse in the life of parents with a hormonal “Regan from the Exorcist” type teenage girl.One minute there would be laughs and next someone would just use a “trigger” word (new an unknown word everyday) and it was Regan from the Exorcist mayhem.The scariest thing ever.

Needless to say we returned home numb and very much put off ever trying for another child ever.Little girls with their little pig-tails and sweet giggles turn into very scary hormonal teens and I just couldn’t be bothered with putting up with that really.

The teen years have now left Miss Madam and shes a lovely young adult but the lesson she gave hubby and I will never be forgotten.

These days I console myself with the fact that when the time comes and I meet my little niece Im going to be the best aunt a niece has had.