Neon Necklace – Easy DIY


A quick assessment of my wardrobe had me conclude that I’ve got a lot of dark blues and navy clothing.I love to add bright accessories to these such as a gorgeous citrus necklace or cerise and even more so a cute neon yellow something  especially since I have these pretty sandals (see below) to match.

Only problem is that I haven’t been able to find a neon yellow necklace to add to any of my ensembles.So what do you do when you can’t shop?      You DIY.

This was an especially inexpensive project as I spent R30.00 on the necklace at Checkers and because I didn’t want to spend R 100.00 on spray paint since it was such a minute project, I sent out a broadcast message to family and asked if anyone had a neon yellow spray paint bottle lying around in their garage.Within minutes I had an answer.




I love how it turned out.



Jewellery Box – DIY


A gift for each of the grandmothers.

If you follow the blog you know how I love anything personalised.We came across the boxes on a trip to our local PNA and they weren’t to badly priced at R 26.00

I already had the spray paint from a previous project  and had my local printer do the gold vinyls after I designed them on Word and PDF-ed them.

What  you will need:

  • Box – You can select the size
  • Spray paint or an acrylic paint and brush – Once again you can select the colour
  • Personalised Vinyls or Letter Stickers
  • Marble Contact Paper – Optional
  • Utility Knife or sharp scissors for Contact paper
  • Ruler and Pencil to measure Contact paper

To do:

  1. Start by unscrewing all the little hinges and the clasp – set this aside.mgfabox.02       mgfabox.03                         
  2. Lay down newspaper or a plastic in the area you will be spraying – remember this needs to be a well ventilated area. If using the acrylic paints make sure your brushes are clean and your work surface is covered.
  3. Spray and allow to dry  – you may want to then do a 2nd coat if you feel you need to.I did the 1st coat with spray paint and then used my white acrylic paint and brush to finish it.mgfabox.05
  4. Measure and cut out the Marble Contact paper for the inside of the box and adhere it to the inside of the box (inner base and inner lid)  – Remember this is optional and you can just as easily keep it the same colour as the outside of the box.
  5. Screw in all the hinges and clasp.
  6. Add the Vinyl Names on to the lid of the box

Finished Product #sopretty





February 2016 Calendar Freebie


Keeping my promise, this time it’s from Denise Johnson from

So beautiful just perfect for the special month that honours LOVE.My Phone and desktop look so stunning and organised.

Each month I promised I’d share with you my favourite Free Calendar Printables / Downloads I come across.There are such amazing talented people.

Thank you Denise for the beautiful Free Printables /Downloads

Follow instructions on the link above to download or print.Browse Cu-rio’s website – I’m loving the Easy Valentine’s Day Treat and The Valentines Day Printables.

Click on the link below to download the above for either your phone or desktop.

February Wallpapers





Earlier this year – well really earlier this year.Actually days into 2015 I called up my local gym (you know how it is with New Year Resolutions ). This gym is practically 3 blocks away from my house so it was the logical place to contact.

Behold my horror when they told me the monthly fee was close to a grand a month.Believe me I’m all to willing to pay a price for good health but that’s just crazy – and sorry for you if you not on that medical aid that gives you major discounted rates to be able to afford going to gym.

Fast forward to last month when I came across a construction site , smack bang in the middle between  home and the office.The shiny bright yellow words were simple and inviting…VIVA GYM.

I drove home at warp speed to google said gym and was thrilled to see how much the membership fee and the fact that you didn’t have to take out a long contact ticked all my LIKE boxes.

We attended the opening on the 10th and walking in I knew Id love the vibe and atmosphere.

Chase Emson the Founder and Director vision has been executed perfectly,  a state of the art gym  that wont cost you and arm and a leg.

mgfaviva.01 mgfaviva.02

mgfaviva.03 IMG_7295




I signed up that very night and gifted hubby with an early birthday pressie (Jan Birthday boy) and went ahead and signed him up as well.

Click here to still make use of the opening specials

Click here to find a VIVA GYM near you – promise you wont be sorry.

Facebook Page – Click Here



Christmas Gift Ideas – Cheap Class Gift


I made this a while back when my little guy was still in Nursery school and thought it perfect for Luca’s class as they work a lot with Play Dough in their therapy sessions and in class.I figured it was the perfect gift to take home over the holidays.

I made doubled the recipe and it made 2.150kg of dough which I than halved into 2 to make two different colours.

I did a green sparkle dough with green food colouring and edible glitter , the red I flavoured with bubblegum flavoured essence.

Here is the Recipe:

  • 2 Cups of Flour
  • 2 Cups of Water
  • 1/2 Cup of Salt
  • 15ml Cream of Tartar ( This is actually one sachet you get at PNP or Checkers )
  • 15ml of Cooking oil

In a saucepan still all contents over moderate heat
Mix till a thick dough ball forms. It must not be sticky.
Allow to cool in the pot.
Knead dough.This is when I divide if needed and begin to colour and / add the oils or essences and glitters.Wrap in plastic and store in a plastic/airtight container.
Encourage child to use their imagination when playing with playdough. Limit the use of playdough toys – using their fingers is better.

Caution: if you’ve just had a fresh manicure done or just don’t want to walk around with colouring all over your hands for the next few days use GLOVES!


We rolled and shaped them out into rectangles. The kids loved helping



We covered them in cling film


I made a quick gift tag on MS Word and printed it on Cardboard. I then tied twine around the container and added the tag

T he containers I found at Westpack my new favourite go to store.

They cost R 5.50 each and playdough is pretty inexpensive to make.

The children loved it I hope you will to.


Favourite Finds – 4 – Marina De Buchi Freedom Bracelet


I came across this fab find over the weekend at Cardies , and I’m truly in love with my little dainty Personalised Name Bracelet.

Ideal if you looking for the prettiest little gift for your sister,mom,bff, colleague or just about any woman /girl in your life. The list of  common female names is pretty long and you’ll definitely find a name you looking for unless your name is Lushandra that is….lol!


Cardies sells them for R 150.00 and well worth the price.


I love the fact that Its so dainty I’m thinking about buying the ‘Anna” and using only the name for a necklace.

NB: Not a sponsored post.


‘Tis The Season – Christmas Decor

MGFA2015-Cover-tile- Finalized Cover

Oh oh do I love this time of the year.Just between you and me, I think  I’m secretly related to Father Christmas /Papa Noel / Santa somehow.I just love what this season does to people.Even the meanest or arrogant of people soften a tad over this time of the year.People are nicer in general and I take it all in.

I also will openly admit that I love love opening presents.I love-making Christmas lists.What things I like, what to get so-and-so , the advent adventure list ,the whats for supper list, these lists go on and on.

Walking through the stores and on-line  and finding new Christmas ornaments to add to the ever-growing collection is such a thrill, here are a few of my favourites.Thought I’d show them off early so you wont be disappointed if you see something you love.

02_4101111986_SI_00 02_7109012184_SI_0002_4101111985_SI_00 02_7109012274_SI_00 02_7109012236_SI_00 02_7109012198_SI_00

Above are all from Mr Price Home – Click here to go directly to the website.The Subway art is right up my alley as is the disco ball globes.I gifted the Africa Shaped ornament to my BIL in Oz for their tree.How super sweet is Mr and Mrs Claus?

  18019558- 25.00 - @home18019593 - 110 - @home 18019512 - 169 -@home18019511 @ home18019491 - 189 - @home

These Beauties are from @Home – How sweet is the Nutcracker Soldier and that wooden Sleigh?(The perfect size for Christmas Cookies or Nuts – Click here to go direct to their website.

Christmas-Foil-Pear-6009189682360Christmas-Floral-Glitter-Heart-6009189875779  Christmas-Print-Wooden-Disc-6009189685552Christmas-Glitter-Apple-6009189683138Christmas-Glitter-Pear-6009189682179Christmas-Pattern-Heart-6009189877216

And because lets face it Woolies never disappoints (or at least in my opinion) I instantly fell in love with the Metallic Fruit decorations  and hearts.Click here to view online

tassels-157.32  tassel-22.80 tassel-271.32,jpgTassel - 111.15IMG_7881-775x550

A new find is this fab website.Tassels and Treasures I’m absolutely in love love (so in love I have to say it twice) with the reindeer place card holders .The felt cutlery holder is just so very pretty, such a great addition to any Christmas Table.

The stores are filled with something for every taste and any theme.Happy Decorating.


My Favourite Finds – 3 – The Giant Peg


I’ve had this “find” since my birthday when I treated myself at Kamers  and my awesome SIL recently bought me another one because I love them so much.They cost R 120.00 each excl delivery Makkie’s Studio is in Menlyn (or close by)

How cute are they???? Rhetorical because I absolutely love them.

This is how I’ve put them to use – I even personalized mine with my new go to item (Vinyl stickers – I Had my Vinyl stickers made at A & R Litho & Stationery Supplies :+27 11 435 1022 )


mgfagp.01   mgfagp.03

What would you use them for you ask – here are 6 things I can of?

  • Stationary Holder
  • Napkin Holder – Perfect for those outdoor meals (especially with the World Cup get-together’s and Braai day ) “Wink-Wink Nudge-Nudge”
  • Photo or Memo Holder
  • Children’s Art Display – My favourite of its uses.I personalized mine with vinyl stickers I had made with the kids names
  • Coat Hanger or bag hanger
  • Lost Socks – Ideal way to keep all those mismatched socks until you find their partners

Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest:


Where can you get this GIANT PEG?

Contact the Artist:

Makkie Du Plessis or  083 979 6668




Favourite Finds – 3 – like a nauti girl


Once again I’ve been on the search for a Summer fragrance that would make me miss the sea and sand.I thought it would take forever to find.

Did I find it?

Surprisingly yes, rather quickly actually and there are some pretty awesome reasons why I love it:


  1. Its forms part of a firm summer trend – The Nautical Look – one of my favourites
  2. When I close my eyes and take in the scent , I’m suddenly  on a hammock swinging from side to side,my foot dangling in salty waters as I take in the scent of a soft sea breeze and coconuts.(You picturing it right!!) Read the details about the fragrance from their website below or click on “about this product” to go directly to the website.
  3. The price – its awesome ….wait for it……R 59.95@ Clicks. At that price I have one in my handbag, the bathroom cupboard and at the office.

The other products in this range are amazing – next on my list are the nail polishes and that make-up bag.

If I find it (the make up bag) I’ll buy myself one and I’ll spoil one lucky reader with the other.(Pinky promise)

Like the Essence South Africa  FACEBOOK page to be the 1st to find out about their awesome products and trends.


The App that helps kids with Spelling


My 1st Grader comes home every Monday with a new list of words to learn.Then a test on these words is written on the Friday.

I try to make things fun because at this age they still learn when they play.So instead of rote learning or writing the word over and over I try my best to make it fun.

We’ve done bath (well shower really) time spelling.

Added Bonus: My shower doors get a real good clean


We use really cheap shaving foam I found at Dischem for R16.00 and a little goes a loooooonnngggg way, we also used a ear bud(q-tip) but he decided his index finger was just a lot easier.

That easy – we was learning without even realizing it and the results proved it.

Then there’s spelling with Magnets.


I found the magnets at Baby City and bought 2 packets straight away (If I recall they were R14.99).We use my baking tray to put them on.

However this began to stagnate after a while and I had to find something else.

We tried a few apps to use on our Ipad.

By far the best one we have come across  to date is a FREE app called Spellosaur…………………here’s why;


Every week I get to punch in the words for the week plus the additional Dolch word.

We then go though the 4 stages and in the end he does the test.

Have a look:

Once you have punched in the words these are the 4 Levels you will have to finish









After all levels are achieved they then go onto the Test


To find the app on iTunes this is the screen you looking for:

Itunes Preview

It is also available on Android

All snapshots are from the app itself and iTunes.

Hope this helps as much as its helped us.