Time Management for Kids – Incl Free Printable


time management for kids

Its been a rough start to the New School Year.The routine we had last year has had to be adjusted somewhat as the work load has increased.

Actually to say its been a struggle is an understatement.

On the positive side mornings are great.We don’t have moaning to get up any longer and its pretty easy to get  ready for school.

Its after school thats been the struggle.

This is what we usually do

  1. Arrive home (14:00 – 14:30)
  2. Get changed ( this usually means  remove school shoes and school uniform) while lunch is prepared.
  3. Eat lunch
  4. Go Shower
  5. Begin homework – this was the problem because from the time we started homework which was usually  just after 15:00 homework lasted until 17:30 on a bad day.There have been a lot more bad days then good days.
  6. 17:30 means I start supper and would have one child wondering the house alone and the other still doing homework and needing my assistance #hectic

My thoughts are constantly with working moms – if those kids haven’t got a structured homework schedule for their afternoons and you still need to get home, cook and attend to their homework needs (ouch thats just painful and you constantly in my thoughts and prayers).

The Breakthrough:

I had to find a solution I just had to.

I’ve spent the last few days analyzing our time and the way we do things.Where I could nip or steal minutes from.What could I do that would allow us to buy more time?

Today it finally fell into place and I’m thrilled and so are the boys.

Its 15:35 and they are DONE

I usually get to school close to 20 minutes before the bell rings so I’m one of the 1st at the gate to pick up the 2nd grader.Then we jump in the car and go and collect my little man and the nanny at school.This is a 20 minute drive.

So today instead of sitting at the school killing 20 minutes I 1st went to fetch my little man and the nanny at school ( a little less outdoor play but…) and arrived in time to fetch the 2nd grader.We won 25 minutes.

This meant that we showered and had lunch and started homework by 14:10.

We did everything on the list with plenty of time to spare.He finally had time to play and best of all there were no tears of frustration…from either one of us!!!!

  • arrive home
  • go shower – I timed the shower to 10 minutes
  • have lunch  – I allow for one cartoon while they eating
  • do homework – TV is switched off
  • relax

I’ve shared the above with you not to gloat but simply because it has been a pretty frustrating time getting this right.If the above set up can assist in your child/children getting some sort of structure and time arrangement into their afternoon routine then why not share it.I wish I had had something like this in place when I was a kid, I spent the afternoons at my gran and pretty much did nothing but play outside and watch TV until my mom picked me up then I’d conveniently remember I had homework much to my tired mom’s frustration,thus having many a night spent in tears doing homework.

If your child goes to family or is looked after by a nanny or someone else in the afternoons perhaps having them adhere to a similar breakdown might help you (stay sane) and add structure to your little ones afternoon.

Organising and the to-do-list has changed significantly this year as well.The boys are older and I’ve shifted responsibility in accordance to their age , I’m trying to put a little more responsibility on to them , such at remembering to ask me for their vitamins and because demerits are given if parents don’t sign diaries they also have to remember to get me to sign the diary.

I’ve put these signs up on our wall in the kitchen as its where we all convene in the mornings before school.I laminated it so it stays clean and so that we can use a maker pen on it.Its pretty plain but they work.We have had them up for 3 days now and all Vitamins have been taken (myself incl) and everything has been signed and sent to school ‘VIVA”


Click  here Reminder Signs to open and print it out.




3 thoughts on “Time Management for Kids – Incl Free Printable

  1. Gabriela says:

    Thank you Ana. Some great tips. Time management as you said it. Routine is great for kids. On another note, love the your writing 🙂

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