My Blog and its Future – DAY 30 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


My Blog and its Future


My blog has become part of who I am.Its also opened me to ideas and goals I never thought Id want.

The last 30 days has had me really do research and look at the future of my blog and what it is.Yes I’m a mommy blogger(I’m a mom it’s who I am), yes a parent but  is my blog a Parenting Blog?I think I might fall under  “Mommy-Lifestyle Blogger”I’ve gone back and looked at my criteria and I’ve shared recipes , DIY’s , arts & crafts ,saving advice from my family to yours, I share the Fab Finds I love and think you would love too.My children aren’t babies or toddlers anymore and I find myself and the content of the blog transition and this is the year.

This year sees me being a lot more active on the blog.

I want to do a lot more giveaways – share the Fab Finds I come across with you.

This year sees me inviting more visitors and views to the blog.

Social Media Goals:

1000 – Facebook Followers

1000 – Instagram Followers

1000 – Twitter Followers

1000 – Visits or Views on the blog per day

I’ve really enjoyed being more active on the blog over the last month.I’ve enjoyed the little daily challenge of posting.Its taught me to be clever with my time and scheduling.

Heres to a lot more posts and great content.

Thank you for dropping by and please do come again and again and again lol.




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