DAY 10 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


the best trip of my life

To tell you about my favourite trip I’ll have to start off with the worst one 1st.

When we got married we were on our way to live in the UK so we decided to do a cheap honeymoon and keep all our weak Rands to go against the strong Pound.

We decided on Mozambique.We rented a little house up on a hill over looking the beach it was darling. Well day 1 and 2 at least, when we still had running water because after that we’d collect water from the roof tank in a 10 liter bucket, use a heating want to warm it up and take turns pouring one another with water in an open shower.I’d bought all these fancy Kerastase products and never used them.

It was so terrible we cut it short and drove to Maputo where we stayed at the awesome Holiday Inn.I took shower after shower eventually having to leave the room as I almost flooded it with all the water I used.

24 months later my awesome husband surprised me with a do-over in Zanzibar.The surprise was amazing until he broke the news that I had to go for vaccinations.I braved the needle once again by sitting on hubby’s lap while the dreaded needle did its deed.

Zanzibar is beautiful.The holiday was amazing.


3653702166_99954c471a Images.aspx

To date it’s the holiday of my dreams and my daydreams.Seriously on those nights where you’ve been up for the 3rd night with your sick baby and your mind wonders to a time where you were relaxed and glowing without a care in the world.You happy place!

Mine is the hut overlooking the ocean, where I’d take 30 steps to reach from where I was lying down on the beach enthralled in my Francine Rivers book(I finished the 1st 2 during our stay)where a lovely therapist was always ready to give you a back massage)I had one daily just because I could). Lying on my stomach and feeling those warm oils, the scent it permeated with the gentle breeze that came in from the sea spray.Its of dinners by candlelight,barefoot with your toes buried in the warm sand. This is my happy place at 3am when I’m still awake.This is my daydream when I’m at work with a difficult task hits a concrete wall and I need to step back and re-evaluate , this is the smile I get when I think about those beautiful days on that beautiful island.

Footnote: Our Holiday was booked via Exotic Vacations at Mtomi Marine Resort.


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