DAY 1 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge



One of the top New Year’s Resolution I have made is to definitely grow my blog.Its the one thing I really enjoy.The hours spent finding an item I love and want to share with you, or the yum yum I’ve come across and the hours spent taking those photos.I love it all.

Ive always wanted to do a blog challenge and a New Year seems to be the perfect time to start.

My blog name and how it came about?

I was absolutely petrified to have children.I loved kids, other peoples kids but the whole having the babies absolutely thing petrified me. My husband and my mom had already given up on the idea that I would ever have children.

When people asked me why I still wasn’t pregnant for the 1000th time I’d simply reply that I was waiting for someone to invent childbirth much the same way you have those sponge and grow toys. You know them right? Pour water over them and then they grow.Wouldn’t that be super easy childbirth?No stretch marks no needles and I cant stress enough when it comes to the NO Needles – the phobia is massive I hate those tiny little things they really hurt.

Fast forward a few years and I eventually decided to get pregnant I went off the pill and within a month I was pregnant. The pregnancy was fine, as for the birth well I kicked births butt and that too was fine.Not so much for my little boy who was neglected and thanks to the lack of attention was never cleaned or suctioned and lost oxygen and a lot (what am I saying) all of the special needs he has are attributed to this very moment …he’s birth.

So life went on and thanks to a 5 year wedding anniversary spent at a very expensive restaurant and a lovely night spent at a luxury 5 star hotel I fell pregnant 4 months after my little man was born.

So here I was with a little man we could all clearly see was going to need a lot of time and attention and another little bundle on the way.My little guy was 6 weeks prem and just the sweetest little mousy of a baby.They are exactly a year apart.We always say Josh wanted to gate crash his older brother’s 1st birthday.He loves the fact that for 3 days a year they are technically twins and share the same age.


Family photo 2008

I love love being their mom, I love the cookie baking arts and crafts , watching their little sponge brains take in everything they see hear and learn it fascinates me.These are my two wonderful awesome amazing gifts from God.

My Gifts from Above

The blog was created as a means to share what I do with my little boys , with my family.

I love my blog and I adore my children and the time I spend with them and my husband.

Precious Moments I treasure always.






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