Earlier this year – well really earlier this year.Actually days into 2015 I called up my local gym (you know how it is with New Year Resolutions ). This gym is practically 3 blocks away from my house so it was the logical place to contact.

Behold my horror when they told me the monthly fee was close to a grand a month.Believe me I’m all to willing to pay a price for good health but that’s just crazy – and sorry for you if you not on that medical aid that gives you major discounted rates to be able to afford going to gym.

Fast forward to last month when I came across a construction site , smack bang in the middle between  home and the office.The shiny bright yellow words were simple and inviting…VIVA GYM.

I drove home at warp speed to google said gym and was thrilled to see how much the membership fee and the fact that you didn’t have to take out a long contact ticked all my LIKE boxes.

We attended the opening on the 10th and walking in I knew Id love the vibe and atmosphere.

Chase Emson the Founder and Director vision has been executed perfectly,  a state of the art gym  that wont cost you and arm and a leg.

mgfaviva.01 mgfaviva.02

mgfaviva.03 IMG_7295




I signed up that very night and gifted hubby with an early birthday pressie (Jan Birthday boy) and went ahead and signed him up as well.

Click here to still make use of the opening specials

Click here to find a VIVA GYM near you – promise you wont be sorry.

Facebook Page – Click Here




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