Christmas Gift Ideas – Cheap Class Gift


I made this a while back when my little guy was still in Nursery school and thought it perfect for Luca’s class as they work a lot with Play Dough in their therapy sessions and in class.I figured it was the perfect gift to take home over the holidays.

I made doubled the recipe and it made 2.150kg of dough which I than halved into 2 to make two different colours.

I did a green sparkle dough with green food colouring and edible glitter , the red I flavoured with bubblegum flavoured essence.

Here is the Recipe:

  • 2 Cups of Flour
  • 2 Cups of Water
  • 1/2 Cup of Salt
  • 15ml Cream of Tartar ( This is actually one sachet you get at PNP or Checkers )
  • 15ml of Cooking oil

In a saucepan still all contents over moderate heat
Mix till a thick dough ball forms. It must not be sticky.
Allow to cool in the pot.
Knead dough.This is when I divide if needed and begin to colour and / add the oils or essences and glitters.Wrap in plastic and store in a plastic/airtight container.
Encourage child to use their imagination when playing with playdough. Limit the use of playdough toys – using their fingers is better.

Caution: if you’ve just had a fresh manicure done or just don’t want to walk around with colouring all over your hands for the next few days use GLOVES!


We rolled and shaped them out into rectangles. The kids loved helping



We covered them in cling film


I made a quick gift tag on MS Word and printed it on Cardboard. I then tied twine around the container and added the tag

T he containers I found at Westpack my new favourite go to store.

They cost R 5.50 each and playdough is pretty inexpensive to make.

The children loved it I hope you will to.



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