#daretodiywithanewsupply – A IHeart Organizing Challenge : Recycling Bins


My very 1st challenge.

I have a plethora or DIY’s pending but this challenge on the I Heart Organizing blog was the perfect “Challenge” I needed to get at least one of these projects finished.

I selected to turn these big bins I had bought into recycling bins.They’ve been in my tiny walk in closest for the last 3 months taking up much needed space so this was the prefect opportunity.


Its taken this long as I couldn’t decide on how to do the wording for the front of each over.

Wording: Paper , Glass and Plastic

I couldn’t find the right font or color stickers at my local DIY store so I opted to make the labels out of Vinyl.

I wanted pretty vinyl labels for the front – I figured as this was a project that would be kept outdoors I needed lettering that could withstand any weather.I don’t have a Silhouette Cameo (YET) and I’ve never worked with vinyls so I got hold of my printer and he had them cut up for me after I worked on my font,wording and color for the bins.

plastic Paper glass

Then it was an easy assembly onto the lids of the bins.

mgfabins.01     mgfabins.02

I kept the bins off the floor using an old side-table I had.


What you will need:

  • x3 Stacking bins of your choice
  • Lettering for the lids  – if you have a Silhouette your life just got easier but if you like me and you hoping Santa will bring you one try find a printer close to you that offers vinyl printing and cutting for you or go the easy route and just but letter stickers at your local craft store

I’m thrilled with how they turned out.



Happy Recycling



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