My 1st Pet – SILKWORMS


Following the aftermath of the Pick n Pay Stikeez craze  arrived the wave of “Silkworm Season”

We all had them when we were younger right and for me its been a Nostalgic trip down memory lane?

We were on the hunt for this little fellas and managed to get them at our local pet shop for only R 1.00 each.Its been such an education for the kids, myself included.For instance I really didn’t know that the females are solid and the males are the ones with the stripes #alwayslearning


I asked the 1st grade teacher if we could have them be the class pet/s , I would supply the habitat and food daily and its been such an awesome experience for the kids in the class who get a turn to look after the 8 silkworms.On the weekends they come home and back to school on Monday – they also came home for Spring Break and one of them spun their cocoon on Friday.The school my son attends doesn’t allow them to sell silkworms on the premises – do you remember what your 1st and 2nd breaks were like during the Silkworm season?

How cute is this little box from Westpak?

How cute is this little box from Westpak?

Its got me thinking:

This is the perfect 1st pet for the child who has been begging for that cute puppy or little kitten.

Why you ask?

  1. You can have one silkworm or many – Id say 6 max
  2. They not crazy expensive @ R 1.00 a silkworm
  3. They small enough to fit in a shoe box you have at home(check out our inexpensive little ‘Penthouse” it cost us R 15.00 from Westpak)
  4. The food is free (Mulberry leaves grow practically everywhere in our country and you bound to have a neighbor who wont mind you dropping by once a week to “prune” their tree.
  5. The box they housed in has to be cleaned depending on how many you have – we have 8 and we clean it every 2-3 days.This decreases as they cocoon.
  6. They eat and eat and then they spin their cocoons and you wait – there’s no more feeding them but checking once the moth comes out to lay its eggs.Then its simply cleaning out the box of the dead moths and you leave the eggs in the box until next season.(I suggest you put a reminder on you phone for the 1st of Sept as I was told they start to hatch once the 1st leaves on the Mulberry bush arrive so you def have to keep an eye on this).

So simple but in my opinion teaches your child to responsibly take care of a pet by cleaning after them and feeding them and  good way for you to see if your child or kids are ready for the responsibility of fur-family.

Click her to  read ” About and Caring for Silkworms

Interesting video on how silk is made – Making silk

Have a fab week



2 thoughts on “My 1st Pet – SILKWORMS

  1. laurakim says:

    I have BANNED these horrid little bugs from my house. The next teacher who decides to send them home will face my very real wrath!

    We have done them year after year but my kids bored and there may or may not have been a box forgotten on the fridge one year! So clearly the lesson on caring for a pet was not learnt *sob*

    • anasilvasimoes says:

      lol – love the poor forgotten box on the fridge. That was my fear , if I cant see it I would probably forget about the little fellas.Thank goodness for the clear bug container.This is their 2nd year with silkworms so far so good #fingerscrossed 🙂

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