Favourite Finds – 2 – A little Gadget


Bet you’ve walked past this nifty item at your stationary shop a few times and drew a blank as to what it does.
Or was that just me????
I kept picking it up wondering what this inexpensive “thingy” was.


Well I finally got it and its a pretty “Nifty” little gadget.
It’s what I would call a portable tape dispenser or tape cutter.


All you need is to hook it onto any sticky tape roll or washi tape roll and start using it.Its that easy and there’s no need for a scissors.

How great will this be over the festive season wrapping all those pressies?

Available at any PNA store or Takealot.com

http://www.takealot.com/couture-creations-tape-cutter-white-fits-3-6-12-mm-tape/PLID38161741 for R 19.00 (Nineteen Rand – how cheap is that?)

PS:The tape isn’t included when purchasing the cutter.



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