Battery Safety for Kids – Disposing of Lithium Batteries


We’ve all heard and seen some horrid and at times graphic stories and photos of the dangers of LITHIUM Batteries.

AKA – Button Batteries or Pen Batteries or coin cell batteries

It’s scary how some many items in our home still require these dangerous batteries.

I’m super paranoid about having them in my home and even more so disposing of them – I don’t want any accidents before they leave  my home or on the way to the dump.

Follow the steps below and see how I dispose of these horrid little batteries:


  1.  You going to need the following  : Packaging tape (I love how strong the new NEON Sellotape is) , good scissors and the batteries
  2. Cut a pretty good size amount of packaging tape and place the battery / batteries on one side of the tape,press them down onto the sticky part.
  3. Fold over and close all sides
  4. Cut another good size piece of tape
  5. Place the TAPED BATTERIES onto the new stripe and follow the same steps as above.
  6. When this is down you will have covered your batter / batteries twice and pretty well – then dispose at your nearest battery recycling centre (Our Builders Warehouse offers this at their entrance or if you can’t wait that long throw it away in your outdoor dustbin and not the kitchen bin)


Be Safe!!





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