Perler Bead Holiday Fun


Happy New Year!

Hubby had an op during his shutdown time so I’ve been nurse, mommy and crafter this holiday.

With Mr resting there have had to be a lot of quite time activities and our Perler Bead crafts have been the perfect solution.

We made these on New Years Eve.


For the Perler Bead Bowl

  1. Spray an Ovenproof Bowl with Spray and Cook
  2. Pour Perler beads into bowl and gently press them up against the wall of the ovenproof bowl until there is just one neat layer of beads
  3. Place bowl in preheated oven for 16minutes – ovens temperatures may differ keep checking your to see if beads have softened and melted.
  4. Remove from oven an allow to cool
  5. Once cooled place under running WARM soapy water and slowly lift the Perler bead bowl of the sides of your glass bowl.
  6. Dry it nicely and its done!
  7. Ideal to use for keys or jewellery on your night stand or entrance hall



We got our Perler beads and equipment from The Crafters Den in Edenvale – what a Mecca for Perler Beads we love it!

The Crafters Den (formerly GADGETS Arts & Crafts)

37 Voortrekker Avenue
1609, South Africa

Open today: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


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