Geppettos World – On Line Store – Wishlist Galore


With the Festive season knocking at our door, family and friends begin to ask whats on the boys Christmas list.I like to make sure that my little man gets exactly what he needs,so weeks before I begin to ask he’s Speech , Occupational and Physio Therapists what they might suggest I put on his list that could benefit him.

My favourite and go-to site is definitely Geppettos World and low and behold they have not disappointed with a fab new website and stunning additions to their ranges.Our wishlist has gone from one or two items to a full blown list ….and who can blame me their stuff is fantastic.

We shop at Geppettos for my little boy’s special needs but the items and equipment on this amazing on-line store is for every child.Security being,sadly what it is in this country, few kids get to roam around outdoors unless at school or nursery and if lucky in their own backyards.So Geppettos Equipment is ideal.

I’ve seen a lot of kids who have fantastic fine motor skills but because we live most our lives indoors due to safety we are growing a generation that is lacking in their Gross Motor Skills.

Visit their website:


Facebook Page:

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