My 2014 Summer Must Haves

Must haves

Who doesn’t like Summer?

Well up until a few years ago I was more of a Winter girl.I’d marvel at my coat, jacket and jersey collection.

Then I became a mom and dreaded the colder months because my new fashion items became neutralizers and nasal decongestants.

i count the days to the warmer months – the days at the beach and basically just getting out of that hibernation mode we all put ourselves into during Winter.

So, there will be no surprise that  my summer must haves always have a Summer scent…mine is coconut.

If you love the scent of Tropitone and the beach then these are for you.

My all time favourite – I go through 2 containers every Summer


The Body Shop – Coconut Body Butter .Purchase at their stores  or


I use the gentle amazing body wash – The Palmolive Body Beauty Coconut Scrub.You can get this at any good supermarket


Now this next one I actually bought for my boys but I sneak in a wash every now and again just because of the scent.Purchase this at any Dischem Store ( ) or good supermarket


This is one of my most recent purchases and about the only make up I wear daily, a waterproof mascara.

Catrice’s “Better than False Lashes” is really doing its job.I know its working because the 1st morning I walked into the classroom

a little girls came up to me and said “you wearing makeup you look so pretty” .

If a 5 year old noticed that was all the thumbs up I needed.

I bought mine at Dischem


These Garnier Cleansing wipes are really something (notice its says – REMOVES EVEN WATERPROOF MAKE-UP) and boy does it.

Its never been so easy to remove my mascara.They make my face feel so clean and fresh.This is ideal for moms.


I came across this via fellow blogger at  when she decided to do the 12 day challenge – clock below to have a look.

I am terrible at keeping hair and beauty appointments  (I’m more of a walk-in kinda girl when my time permits) and usually disappoint some nail tech / beautician or hairdresser by being a no show.So being able to have pretty nails and them lasting more than 3 days without any chips,I drove straight to my closes Dischem the very next day after I saw the post on Porcelain (added bonus because I paid nothing for it as I finally used some of my Dischem points)


I bought  Irresistible Bonbon (a lovely pink colour ,which in Summer I think looks fab on toes and finger nails)

I was very impressed with this product because I started using it the evening before my little boy’s birthday party and with all the baking and cooking and washing up it stayed on a whole 10 days hereafter without chipping.

GS L'Oreal Infallible nails 005_thumb_600x568

I also used it again before my ladies weekend away on both my finger nails and toes and was very impressed that it withstood the beach sand without a chip.

They come in some awesome colours – remember they are exclusive to Dischem Stores


I have been counting the days – just like its an early Christmas for me.I finally found this product locally and tried out the Coconut Milk one and its amazing,will definitely buy this again.

Keep your lips nice and soft this season with EOS.


This is possibly my biggest shopping regret in the last few weeks .See Jhb hasn’t been fortunate enough..just yet to have a Lush Store.

I tried this in-store and immediately  fell in love with it.It feels great and hummm tastes great lol!

Why didn’t I buy it why why why???

Follow LUSH on FB to see when Joburg store opens and see their specials if you are lucky enough to live in KZN or CT –

xx00xx – love this product

1169010_fpx.tif 1011542_orig

When it comes to fragrances there are a few but in keeping with my “theme” there are two I love.

There is Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess – available at selected from the bigger flagship stores such as Edgars ,Foschini and Truworths Fragrance Counters

Beach by Bobbi Brown – I tried this perfume on paper today and my handbag smells amazing,amazing,amazing!!!!!




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