Loombands Aid Fine Motor Skills


Our household has been hit by the Loomband craze.

Royalty and Celebrities alike are sporting this fad…Its even reached the Vatican.

kate-middleton-prince-william-loom-bands-tour-de-france 10368400_319594294860925_7157337756490590646_n  juliaRloom01_2986201b David-Beckham-Loom-Band

My 5 year old is busy working on his entrepreneur (earning his treat money) skills and selling his Loombands to family and the kids in the neighborhood.

I’m sure if your kids aren’t making them they buying them.

We started of using the tools that came in the kit, however he soon changed to the quicker and easier way of just using his fingers.

It then dawned on me that this fad could aid children who need to better their fine motor skills – and what better way then with an activity they ALL enjoying.

Utilizing that Pincer Grip

aug2014 752.0 aug2014 758.0

Click on the link below to see our favourite stockist

Rubber loom band bracelet making

(I’ve got my eye on those Gold,Silver and Bronze bands and the Temperature Changing bands)


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