Special Kids – The Hub of Special Needs


Our journey as a family with Special Needs is at times a very lonely one.

Lets face it , your family loves and adores you and your children , your friends give you their supporting smiles ,who truly knows what our lives are like if not another parent with a child with special needs?

Yet – it’s still a lonely one, I’ve tried to make contact with other mums at therapy sessions or even out and about in stores but its a burden that tends to be left behind closed doors and I’ve been dying to speak out, to reach out.

So when Nina Zylstra the Editor of Special Needs.co.za asked if I’d like to be part of the Meet the Parents Segment I jumped at the chance at meeting fellow parents and having them get a little insight on our family as well.

Click here to visit their website and get to know us and the other parents a little better…..http://specialkids.co.za/home/index.php/meet-the-parents#.U9oQxGOLVQU



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