Father’s Day Gifts – Ideas from my family to yours

I try to make a big deal of any celebration.
My husband is of the opinion that days such as Valentines Day , Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just commercialized money-making days.
I don’t care – I believe that children learn from our actions and I want my little boys to be thoughtful gift giving men.
Father’s Day isn’t just for Sunday – My husband’s festivities begin earlier in the week – From Monday and ends on Father’s Day Sunday.
Everyday he gets a small gift or treat shall we say….Its funny to see both the excitement in our boys and shockingly the eagerness my husband has to come home and receive his gift that evening.(now tell me who doesn’t like getting presents?)
We don’t spend too much money and they quirky little gifts or treats.
For instance:
 Monday – A Personalized Shirt
Tuesday – Jar of Shortcake Chuckles (his favourite)
Wednesday – Dad mug
Thursday – Homemade cookies served with warm milk on the Personalized cutting board
Friday – Just in time for the World Cup – show off his supporting team with a personalized cellphone cover
Saturday – Barber Treatment
Sunday – All Day Daddy treatment:
Lunch of his choice
Final Gift – A hint a few months ago……. a traditional Shavette
aa wooden boards large new
Where to buy:
Shirt Graphics – Cool Beans Design Agency – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cool-Beans-Design-Agency/140760239299227?ref=br_tf
Jar of Chuckles Shortcake – Chuckles @ Woolworths Jar @Osbros
Mug – https://www.kidslabels.co.za/Catalogue/Coffee-Mugs/Personalised-ceramic-mugs/
Personalized  Cutting Board – http://www.lovelettersstationery.co.za/A%20Wooden%20Boards.html
Cellphone Cover – https://www.facebook.com/tickledbluecustomcases
Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day

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