No Oven Cookies

These are the nicest and quickest cookies to make.
I first tasted these at the home of our dear family friends and devoured them.
Sue was nice enough to share the recipe with me.
We will be celebrating Easter away and I know the self catering establishment we staying in does not have an oven.
There are certain things you want on your Easter table and that’s nice desserts!
All I’ll be taking with me is my trusty Snackwich maker / Doughnut maker / Waffle Iron / Cupcake maker

4f6ff7202b6fa-full sunbeam+cake+maker-full salton1-fullSDM-637-600x600

This is a sweet snack made in minutes the recipe quick and easy.
Sue’s recipe asks to be baked in a Snackwich machine.However with ll these new makers around – you can decide what shape or size you want your cookie to be.
IMG_4551.0  IMG_4550.0
 Click on recipe below:
No oven cookies


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