DIY Gift for Children (Great for Fine Motor Skills) – Incl Free Pattern Cards



My little man brought home a Geo-board from school so we could up his fine motor skills….its amazing that in just a few days I’ve noticed improvement in both the Fine Motor Skills and Cognitive Skills.

It prompted me to make one for home…I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

I went to my closest Building Supply store to get what I needed  – I had to buy a whole board and had it cut to size.The board was so big  I managed to have 8 squares and still have two massive size boards left over(Going to be used for a project I’m working in for the boys bedroom). This means I have 8 Pegboards I can make for the kids in our family.All the kids in our family ages range within months of each other so I’m pretty lucky that the Geoboard games are all same-age appropriate.

What I needed:

  • Pegboard – cut in a square ( your local Building Supply store can assist you with cutting them to the size you want – Builders Warehouse does this)
  • Nuts and bolts – I did mine 8 x 8 so I needed 64 Nuts and Bolts per board + x4 I used to give the board little legs (see pics below)
  • Rubber Bands or Colourful Hair Bands – I got a box of Rubber Bands from Westpack (Pick N Pay and Checkers also sell them)
  • White Spray Paint Primer (hardware store)
  • Bottle of Spray Paint – your choice – I painted mine yellow (Hardware store /Pick n Pay/ Checkers)
  • Cardboard – for the pattern cards

What I did:

  • Wipe pegboard with a damp cloth
  • Spray white primer onto the smooth side of the pegboard – allow to dry
  • Spray paint your colour of choice – allow to dry
  • Begin to place all the bolts and follow with the nuts
  • I printed all the pattern cards and had them cut and laminated (longer lasting)

image3.1.0image1.1.0  10156110_10152222154515753_1437314789_n.0

Building the Geoboard was great exercise for my little boy as he helped screw in the nuts and bolts.



PegBoard Pic

Pattern Cards for GeoBoard

The alternative to the GeoBoard is the PegBoard and Pegs.

I found a packet of Plastic Pegs (see photo attached) at Westpack for R 25.00

So no nuts and bolts – just a good spray paint and you ready to go!






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