Parents magazine gets a massive high five!


I am always on the website   – a Well of parenting information.

So I was thrilled to see the review done by ,click on link below

Parents magazine makes special needs history.

This is my BIG thank you to Parents Magazine for making it known that children with barriers are gorgeous kids too.

Thank you for thinking about the parents who have children with barriers.

Scroll below for a few example of the Toy Suggestions on their site for Children with Barriers.

ss_101246482 ss_102002502 ss_102002504 ss_102002506 ss_102002510 ss_102002520 ss_102002523 ss_102002534 ss_102002535

My little boy reacts well to toys that have lights and, or sound .

We have a few of the toys above that we utilize daily and like children without barriers who learn through play so do children with barriers.


This is my beautiful Luca at Occupational Therapy(SI) in the Spandex Cocoon – That is the face of pure contentment and relaxation…He loves it!

For us moms in South Africa subscribe to the Parents Magazine Digital Edition –




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