Free Valentines Day Printables – XOXO

photo 17vday.0

Happy Valentine’s Day

The youngest of the little guys just starting Grade 0 and everyone in his class is his friend…..Love it!

So keeping with our Valentine’s tradition all the kids in the class will be getting a little love from both my boys.

I wanted to keep it Budget Friendly but still pretty – I mean, there are 25 friends we need to make feel special on this Valentine’s Day but I also didn’t want to break the bank!

I estimate this Valentine’s treat cost me roughly R 3.00 ($ 0.30) how awesome is that!!

What we did:

  • Made ALOT of fresh popcorn – Seasoned as you wish
  • Bought a packet of 100 3LB cellophane Bags – R 72.75 ( that’s 0.73 cents per bag)
  • My Valentine’s Treat Bag Tags
  • Popcorn Boxes – Optional Extra – a Pkt of 25 – R 26.90

Click on the links below for the Free Printables

Capture1 Capture2Capture3

Valentines Day Printables 2014 – Treat BagTags

Valentines Day Banner

Valentines Day 2014 Photobooth Bubbles

Alternatives to add to the treat bags could be:

  • M&M’s
  • Smarties
  • Astros
  • Magic Rocks (the kind that pop in your mouth)

I’m also loving what Woolworths has on offer (my favourite being the Fish Bowls).


PWxYtu9Pum6RPYbL$YhBgc2yHKEj  vsUhJTueVM45LJ1HIBXvFedWaHQj 0vVstaA8cLJ5DzxNjhzejtDx@XQj TmXvM12F8ZqkI23SNDAmGppKx5ojtaa$pG7$MuYC1jpeyhBGjt4oRGIj

The Love Cupcake – I must for a Teacher Gift….mmmm??

Have a wonderful and loved Valentine’s Day.

From my family to yours



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