XOXO – Valentines Day Kids T-shirt tutorial

photo 16vday.01.01

L’Amour  – When you a kid Valentines Day is a magical day , filled with red and white.You asked by your teacher / school to wear those colours on the day and you have the best Cake and Candy sale.

You buy plastic roses or Red foil covered chocolates for your friends and make big cards to swop with your classmates.

A lot of people (adults that is- believe its a money making day) and so let it be! Its fun , its colourful and its all about the day of Love.

We really get into festive days in our household.I couldn’t find anything for the boys besides dull plain red shirts in our stores.The girls are supper lucky in this category …I even saw heart printed leggings (Edgars,Girls section)  – How cool is that?

So I decided to take matters into my own hands …..This is the outcome!

What you going to need:

photo 3vday.0

  • I bought a packet of white shirts from Pick n Pay (x2 in a Packet) – R 49.99
  • A4 Iron-On T-Shirt transfer paper (Packet of 10 @ PNA) –  R 123.99
  • Ironing Board and your iron
  • Picture / Wording you want to transfer
  • Colour Printer or have it printed at your local printing shop

1st I looked for a design/picture I liked  – I found and bought mine from the Silhouette website ( http://www.silhouetteonlinestore.com/?page=view-shape&id=19476) its designed by HEROARTS.COM and cost me $0.75

photo 1vday.0

I arranged it on Silhouette Studio and then printed it on high quality.I tried to save and did my layout so two pictures could fit on one page as I’m doing a shirt for each of my little boys – its fine for me as the boys are still small, if you were to do this for an adult I’d suggest using the full A4 page for any design.

photo 4vday.0

Be sure to read all the instructions for the Iron-on transfer 1st before you do the rest of the steps to follow.

photo 5vday.0

Before I ironed it on I checked and measured to see where it would look best on the body.

photo 6vday.0

I used the cardboard that the shirts came with to put in between the shirt

photo 9vday.0

One last measure and layout check before the iron work

photo 10vday.0

I was really nervous but this was probably the easiest part of the process

photo 12vday.0

I allowed the shirt and transfer completely cool off and then began to peel off the top working my way down – this is my favourite part…the reveal

photo 13vday0-horz1.00

Have a fab Valentine’s Day,

All my love



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