My Submission/s for the Woolworths & MySchool Lunch Box Challenge (27Jan – 16Feb)

Here goes my 1st submission has already been entered if you have also submitted,share it with us on our Facebook page –

Im Nuts About You!

Submission No:1


(Pic courtesy of myschool website)

Join me on this fantastic challenge.My little boy has just started Grade 0 and I’m trying so hard not to become the boring mom that makes a sandwich and sends him on his way.

See details on this link there are fantastic prizes to be won ………


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So far I fill his lil Ninja Turtle Lunch tin with fruit(vary from day-to-day as he chooses),a granola bar, a juice box (flavours varied) and a slice of bread(spreads I change daily)

I have come across a fantastic tip if your child or you like sliced fruit added to your lunch box but can’t stand to open the bag and see all your fruit has browned.


Keeping your sliced apples from browning

1 Cup of cold water

1 Teaspoon of fine salt

Add water and salt to a bowl – stir.

Slice your apple as you please and place it in the bowl

Let the apple sit for 5 minutes

Drain and rinse the apples a few times

Place them in you lunch box/ ziplock bag or plain old plastic lunch bag and Voila’ no brown fruit snacks.

(FYI – I’ve been doing this with little man’s Granny Smith Apples and yesterday I opened his lunchbox after school and he had left two little pieces and they were still fine….no browning)

Good Luck cant wait to see all the Lunch Box ideas


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