Back to School 2014 – Month End finds

School 1

Welcome back!

Although I have been out of school for sometime now – there is nothing like the excitement of a fresh start.I loved putting together my stationary for a new year , everything mixed and matched.Its one of the perks about going back to college is that I get to spend sometime in the stationary aisles…Heaven for me. #stationaryobsession!

I’ve been researching a few stores and there are some fantastic brands and budget friendly stationary out there… now most of you have gotten everything or the basics as the kids have already started school but since its month end ……Have a look!

Lets start with the bags first:

01_2727815573_SI_11  01_2727815537_SI_00 89.99 79.99

My favourite are the plain coloured (they come in Orange , black , lime green , blue and purple) backpacks from Mr Price – I’m busy getting our two lime green ones personalized with the boys names  I’ll post a pic when they done.Best part they only cost R 79.99 and they all range under R100.00 – nice and budget friendly.

602689_EA - pnp - 249 601114_EA - pnp 39.90 600787_EA - pnp - 99.90 600785_EA - pnp - 99.90

The above backpacks are from Pick n Pay and range from R40.00 – R250.00.

I’m loving what Wimpy has on promotion for the kids:

Boys - Copy Girls 1 - Copy

We have managed to get the whole set with just 3 visits to Wimpy – my boys love them.

Lunch boxes/bags have come a long way since I was at school:

597245_EA - lunch box - pnp - 79.90

These bright and happy Lunch Bags are from Pick and Pay and cost R 79.90

Capture - pnp - 9.99.

We got the Ninja Turtle ones and they boys even took their beach snacks in them when we were on our holiday.

nFAKZ8TtB4fF84v4K$bXoE5mfJgj WGX0ybwFvmtZgHsSF9RGyCdxz4wj

Keep the memory of the beach holidays going for a little while longer with the surf board Lunch Bags from Woolworths at a price of R 39.95 and for those of you with the current chevron obsession, these cost R 34.95 and also available in blue.

At the high-end spectrum of lunch boxes is one of my favourites from – the Bento Box – R 245.00 as well as the soft silicone COMPLEAT FOOD BAG @R 150.00 ideal for school or the office.

otherpicture420130910155506_600x450q80otherpicture420130904130344_600x450q80 - Bento Box - 245.00otherpicture620130904131922_600x450q80 - bento boxotherpicture320130904132021_600x450q80 - bento

otherpicture320130912092319_600x450q80- 150 otherpicture320130912111154_600x450q80 - 150.00

Then my favourite part has to be all the miscellaneous items we need for school, varsity or work such as:

1OLhf1qeXRmxjE62QidaGhbbpccj-24.95 Covers gold_and_white_modern_chevron_gift_wrap-r42a0f0ae106745e993b42fac1e74f741_iz8ys_8byvr_512 Man Un Plain and Brught Planes Pt47VuPLDSxRMLcQ4VvGNL0lOgEj WFIb4kExP1BZZCyl@bquLgUkDCgj - 24.95

Then my new obsession  – at least once a month and I drop by TYPO ( )


These A5 Note books are R150.00 for 3 – Assorted

Typo2Typo9Pen holdertypo23typo22typo24 typo 16

Keep your bag and desk organized and be on time with these gorgeous items

typo 26 typo 15typo 25     typo27

These book covers are stunning and so , so much fun!

typo20 Typo7 typo8  Typo3   typo 14

And the obsession with Stationary continues………..

 typo11  Typo 10Typo 17typo18Typo12typo19

I need to make this collection – 1st on my list is def the Watercolour Pack.

I trust you have as much fun buying stationary as I do and for those students out there , I pray the year ahead is filled with knowledge and understanding.Its probably the best time of your life …and seriously do your homework….less stress than trying to copy someone’s work.



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