Budget Friendly Christmas Gift – Personalized Colouring Notepad

photo 2.0

We have really had to tighten the money belt on spending this Christmas.

What I thought was a depressing and daunting task has turned out to be rather creative and fun, thinking out the box so to speak.I made these for the kids at Nursery school and they turned out better than I expected them to be and the price was fantastic.

What you need:

  • Microsoft Word or any similar program
  • Printer or a Printing store ( I utilized the service of MinuteMan Press in Alberton)

Thats it pretty easy!

I set the page to A5.I created a footer and this is where everything happened,the name and picture.Working with the kids I got to know the kids pretty well and was able to select little pictures to go along side their name.


Once that was done I saved it to PDF.

At the printing store I had them print out 25 A4 pages – and cut them into A5 – this gave me 50 pages for the note book.The cover I kept the same as the pages but on cardboard.I made 10 notebooks so the more you copy the cheaper it is.Printing cost me 40 cents per page and then the comb binding.Each book cost me R20.40 in total ( under $2.00) – how great is that?



One thought on “Budget Friendly Christmas Gift – Personalized Colouring Notepad

  1. austin04 says:

    I think that this is a really cool idea. It makes it so that you can get your own personalized color books. You could have any picture that you want. It will only cost the amount of paper. I absolutely love this idea.

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