Gearing Up for the Festive Season – Christmas Decoratioins – Favourite Finds


This time of the year rolls by and I start counting the days.Its a family thing – we love ,love Christmas, and I want this to continue with my children.

Set up and decorating the Christmas tree (which usually happens on the 1st December) was a major family do.As I got older I’d visualize a colour theme for the year and we would all decorate.I’d step out to get the drinks and snacks only to find that every Christmas decoration had been placed on the tree by my dad,even the old falling apart ones  – you know the kind where velvet Santa seems to be disappearing , would make it on the tree.I ‘d be all……..” dad whats this it’s not part of the colour scheme?’ my dad would say it just looked nice with all of them on.I think back and wonder if it was a sentimental thing for him seeing as those decorations were their 1st after my mom and dad got married- I salvaged a few of them a few years back and they go up on my tree every year.Lol I really miss my dad most at Christmas time.

The only year we didn’t set up the tree was the year he passed away – the saddest Christmas I’ve ever had.My children have brought back my joy for Christmas and all the festivity that comes with it.

We are currently looking for the most awesome Christmas tree to invest in, however Christmas Decorations are a annual shopping adventure all on its own.I add to my collection every year.

Here are a few gorgeous decor items I’ve come across….enjoy!

18011075 Reindeer grass green resting 16cm18011662 Deer decoupage newspaper18008834 xmas tree silver wstars18011047 Tree wood grey & fur silhouette 34cm 18011064 Tree decor heart paper mache 11cm s218012348 Rabbit newspaper decoupage 42cm

The above products are all available at @Home stores – I love this paper mache look as I have been thinking of …..having a “Greener” Christmas and using old newspaper and a pretty ribbon to wrap my gifts – its the only pet peeve I have over this season – beautifully wrapped gifts in expensive paper only to be torn to shreds in seconds.

We bought our 1st advent  this year(shockingly at the beginning of October) – a keepsake for years to come….from Woolworths.


I got lost at Woolworths with all the amazing stuff they have available for this year’s Christmas.

cypi@1niexwifcBDf8xYRHu77uUj   v4jjp2jb2mwSxbtEj2xpHkoEbAYj OiKYX2dHP9KLigBqfVoYb1NJOf4j oKjHQql$9rI1DgfHvUScQ1v$MLUj OZml7wc0GOHLnoqyug4tWb0dTjwj pKvUM56OHNeHyLor7vixSiUplM4j q288dioMXLvw7M@pgCbkl2LwpYwj sh$KKfo5S8QW5Pvbvar6mDF@h$kjhXQJT$flHaxk$9@gu4PLF9EQ@W4jcglM6vDWM3@kOGdEMKCWJN9x$BsjKP69BRpAkd7@K0mb6@tYin3qyLEj

The little bells are for my little boy Luca who loves anything musical ,he spent ages playing with them.The Santa Mug I’ll be spoiling myself with…you moms know what Im talking about – no rush to get them to school so a silent cup of coffee in the morning and on Christmas day the perfect time to use this Santa Mug…early in the morning when the kitchen smells of fresh Cinnamon baked cookies the kids are still fast asleep and your about to begin the rest of the Christmas menu.The calm before the storm!

If you really want to spoil yourself with beautiful ornaments John Lewis delivers to South Africa and they have beautiful stuff – of the glass baubles cost ₤ 3.00 each so R 50.00 excl delivery.

231589079alt1  232132502alt1232095778alt1232095628alt1232132602 232132567 232132548 232132547232132448 232095774

I bought one of these for my little boy’s 1st Christmas – I’m Sentimental – so if you like me or just had a baby or know of someone who will have a baby close to Christmas this Villeroy and Boch Christmas Heart Decoration is a beautiful keepsake – cost ₤ 13.50 excl delivery.



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