Spoil the man in your life


My husband has a pretty life changing interview tomorrow.One we have been praying about for sometime now.

I decided to treat him to the perfect shave.The last time my husband stepped foot in a barber shop or hair salon was the day of our wedding and only because he just didn’t feel like shaving his own hair.The “haircut” cost him the equivalent of 5.00 USD and that was 11 years ago.

Through word of  mouth we came across SMART in Randhart.

This is what hubby looked like before the magic:


And…..these are the steps that followed…………………………

IMG_3023.00 IMG_3027.00IMG_3029.00IMG_3033.00 IMG_3044.00IMG_3052.00IMG_3060.00IMG_3062.00

Hubby was relaxed and looked fantastic afterwards.In his words……he will definitely be back and back often …this team is amazing…what an experience!

He’s now wants to treat his brother and brother in law to a good shave!

Below are their contact details…they are amazing and budget friendly.

Fyi – they do threading as well with a killer neck massage that will leave you instantly relaxed – I’ve had my eyebrows threaded in a few places and I was so impressed I can def call them my eyebrow guys!



@Hubby – May the Lord be with you tomorrow – we love you xxooxx



One thought on “Spoil the man in your life

  1. TERESA ROUX says:

    Hi Ana …The Girls and I went there on Monday and I was quite impressed…We all did threading…next time will do a Fascial too! Love Teresa

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