Craft – Halloween Tissue Box Creation

photo 8.00

With Halloween being a fairly new holiday celebrated in this country – I’m trying to find inexpensive fun ways to keep the boys entertained and as I don’t like anything Witch, tombstone and vampire like the dear pumpkin will do.

We worked with tissue boxes in the middle of the year and the kids at the school always ask when we can do more.

I came up with my pumpkin tissue box:

What you going to need:

  • 2x A4 Orange Cardboard Sheets
  • Scissors or paper-cutter
  • Masking tape
  • Double sided tape
  • Ribbon
  • Round tissue box – Twinsaver

I’ve wanted to use this style tissue box for the longest time.


  • On the seam of the tissue box place 3 pieces of double sided tape then cover the outside of the tissue box with the 1st sheet of A4 cardboard (you will have to snip it to size).                                       photo 3.0 photo 2.0
  • Use another 3 pieces of double sided tape on the INSIDE of the cardboard as you are coming to a close to neatly finish covering the container.
  • Cut the additional A4 into 2cm thick strips

photo 14.0

  • Remove the top plastic hole and add tiny strips of double sided tape to the edge of your 2cm strip and attach to the inside of the rim ,once finished with all strips put the lid back on the top of the tube.

photo 1

  • Remove the bottom plastic cover, using pieces of masking tape secure the bottom strips to the inner-side of the tube.Once you have secured all strips replace the plastic cover.

photo 6.0photo 5.0

  • Cut ribbon and fold to look like a leave , using double sided tape place it on the top rim of the lid of the tissue box.

photo 4.0

Nice and easy…..Enjoy!


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