Adding Photography to my Resume


 Resourse from fab –

This weekend was fantastic, I had the honor of taking photos for two beautiful occasions.

One was for Prom and the other for a Holy Communion.We bought our Digital camera (mine now) 2 years ago before the boy’s birthday and Ive been snapping ever since,however if I look back Ive pretty much always been interested in being behind the lens of a camera.I recall play dates with cousins where I would do photo shoots with them modelling (thank you daddy for letting me use your amazing camera and footing the bill in developing those spools) it was loads of fun and I have beautiful cousins who were easy to take photos of.I even got a Poloroid Camera one Christmas back in the late 90’s when they made a comeback…still have it!

I take my camera everywhere…

My husband spoiled me before this weekend with reflectors which I took on location and wow what a difference the made.I wont leave home without them.

Watch out for the Colab with Leanne Roux ( on her next beauty tutorial I’ll be doing the fashion photo shoot.

Enjoy the photos Im pretty proud of them!

if you iterested in a Photo Shoot and reside in the Johannesburg Area please contat me via email on :

Leanne’s Prom 2013


5.IMG_1183 4.IMG_1157 8.IMG_1209


Kayla’s 1st Holy Communion

8.IMG_1845 1page


6.IMG_1834 26.IMG_2062 9.IMG_1848 24.IMG_2025



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