A little more than just mascara

My New Year’s Resolution was to attempt to wear more make-up (look a little more put together). So far I’ve managed to use Waterproof Mascara and Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT RADIANT TOUCH (that’s for the dark circles under my eyes).

I tend to manage this @ least four times a week.For someone who used nil amount of make-up the above is a triumph.I love collecting MAC ( I wish Id apply it more often) make-up and “Fly their Flag”  – their products are amazing and I’ve made every bride i know ONLY use MAC – I’ve seen some pretty Ghostly brides photos becasue they used the wrong base.

Leanne is fantastic and I’m hoping I’ll have her round to do my make-up for a random date night sooon! Her tutorials are pretty easy and I like the fact that she utilizes and shows us what brands and products she uses during the tutorial and the fact that I can buy them locally is a major plus.Keep an eye out for her next tutorial.All her details are on her Vlog.


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