I CAN WRITE MY NAME – Puzzle Tutorial

I taught my little boy to write his name in an Hour and a half.
I wanted a fun way for him and his friends to begin identifying the letters they  actually write and scoured my favourite site, Pinterest for ideas.

I came across Happy Hooligans.ca – http://happyhooligans.ca/2011/09/20/easy-homemade-name-puzzle/

Jackie is amazing …….so creative….wow!

I decided we would do a Name Puzzle .They each got a long stripe of cardboard and I had the kids paint on the cardboard using Q-tips (Fine Motor Skills added in).


IMG_9025.0 IMG_9027.0


We let the paint dry

IMG_9034.0 IMG_9035.0

I used Gummed Paper for the names.I patiently traced and cut out the night before.


Once the kids had glued their names onto the cardboard I cut different shapes between each letter.

They had so much fun once it was done and in our home the Name Puzzle is used every afternoon.

Thank you so much Jackie @ Happy Hooligans.ca for being my “Puzzle” inspiration.


One thought on “I CAN WRITE MY NAME – Puzzle Tutorial

  1. jackie @ happy hooligans says:

    Wow! I love your puzzles! I’m sorry I’m just seeing them now. My laptop had a fatal accident 😦 and I’ve just now gotten my replacement. I’m so thrilled to think that we were the inspiration behind your name puzzles! What a dedicated mom you are to patiently cut out all of your letters the way you did! Thanks so much for mentioning us in your post!

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