Ahoy Matey!! The Boys Pirate Birthday Party


I’ve enjoyed planning all these parties and year by year I learn something new.The year of the Pirate Themed Party, the great lesson learnt was……. leave the cake to the professionals!


 I baked this cake,I decorated this cake…..That year that the likes of Cake Boss and Great Baker were on our screens.They made it look so easy – I now get a professional do their cakes.



Cool Beans Designs did everything from the invites to the their shirts.

 403466_390278004347448_187421158_n.0 156260_390278121014103_814111334_n.0

@ What age is a Pinata appropriate because these little ones struggled?

IMG_0447IMG_0465 IMG_0467

Photobooth was fun and as usual there were games….Walk the Plank and Treasure Hunting.



Each Child took home a sword, a bandana (We bought the PNP Sunflower Foundation bandanas – Party with a cause) , a felt eye patch and a the final party favour was a treasure box surrounded by chocolate gold coins and other candy.


Above is the face of fear – he’s pirate party marked the start of his fear of jumping castles – the inflatable pirate ship was 9 metres long (+/- 30 feet).

Cool Beans Designs: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cool-Beans-Design-Agency/140760239299227



2 thoughts on “Ahoy Matey!! The Boys Pirate Birthday Party

    • anasilvasimoes says:

      Hi Carmen

      I had Cool Beans designs make it for me.
      They in South Africa.
      Do your reside in South Africa?
      Im sure if you contacted them you could probably have one Dropboxed so your local printers could do it for you.

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