School Holidays – Meals


My mom was a working mother of two and she dreaded the school holidays. We would call her throughout the day…”mom there’s nothing in the house to eat can we call we have food delivered?” The poor woman.

Well this issue was cut short early on thanks to ready made meals such as lasagne or mac and cheese.

However calls were still made by my brother ,letting her know he was bored lol (that’s another post all together).

I came across theses Kids Pot meals recently and both my boys loved them.They full of veggies and nice chunky pieces. I don’t cook on the weekends so this is a pretty good alternative so that i don’t feed them greasy junk.

With both my little guys loving them I figured this would be a fantastic alternative for supervised kids staying at home during the Winter holiday.

You will spend less R130.00 for the full week (that’s if you buy a pot for each day) but if you think about it a take away meal delivered is more expensive.

Enjoy…Let me know what you think!!

If you a fan of online shopping below  is the link to order these scrumptious meals.

Have a awesome week.


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