Easter Napkin Ring


The realization that Easter is possibly my most favourite celebrations has really been cemented.

I love Easter.

I made these Gold Napkin Rings for our Easter Sunday Table.

You can to!

What you will need

  • Foam glitter Sheets – Available at PNA
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and Ruler

I measured on the smooth foam side of the sheet (Glitter front is face down) See measurements above













Cut a slit half way on the top left side and a slit half way on the bottom right side so when you bring both arms together you will slot on into the other











You could always just tape the two arms together if you like.



Upcycling – Easter Decor


I like to do a touch of “festive decorating”  over almost any holiday be it a heart wreath at our entrance , Father Christmas Cookie Jar on the kitchen shelf and a little bunny-something over Easter.

Many years ago I went all pastels for Easter and covered a Wooden cross from PNA with scrap-booking paper.

I never used it again after that because I was done with the colours.I thought I’d be smart this year and upcycle it.


All I needed was the glue, a scissors and a Stanley knife – I removed all the scrap-booking paper – not easy as I used really good glue.This took me ages and then I had a great idea to use a damp cloth and gently wipe.This did the trick and in not time it looked almost good as new – no left over paper that is.

I had some leftover Gold Glittered sheets from a party we had so I used that and some school glue (Pritt) – this way next year it wont be so hard to remove when I want to used it again to match the Easter colour scheme.


I love how this simple little project turned out.



12 Month Savings Challenge – Remember to Save – February

Feb Savings

February is done and dusted #shocking how it’s just flying by! I love it!

By now you will have accumulated a total of R 500.00

Your debit orders and monthly payments should have been done by now so remember to save.

It’s not major and wont dent your pocket.  R380.00 – that’s all – remember to be vigilante the amounts are going to get higher.

If you can afford and want to save more this month I suggest you pick a figure from another month from March to December and save that amount , then scratch that month out and put that money away.

Click below to view the full 12 month breakdown.

52 week 12 month Savings Challenge South Africa 2015

Good Luck and all the best.


Easter Egg Decoration


This is by far the quickest and easiest Easter Egg decoration ever.


All you need are White Boiled Eggs (allow them to cool before you start) , Gold Striping Tape (can be found at an good Nail supply store – such as  A-Z Nail Suppliers or  Planet Nails) and a scissors.


This year my theme or should I say colour scheme will be Indigo and Gold – so everything is either a deep blue or gold colour.





Personalise Your GOLD LINDT BUNNY



I’m in Easter Bunny Heaven?

Pick n Pay and Lindt have teamed up and will be giving both you and I the joy of having a Lindt Gold Bunny Personalised , how awesome is that?

A Personalised Lindt Bunny (my favourite of favourites)  yes please!You’ve been around long enough to know how I love anything personalised.


So…….Be sure to diarise the dates , I’ll see you there.We went this weekend and I cant stop staring at the pretty-ness that is my little Lindt Bunny.

Click here  to find the nearest participating Pick n Pay .

Remember to take a pic with your gorgeous Personalised Lindt Bunny and share.

Use the Hashtag #MyGoldBunnySA

Saver Series – Part 4 – Unilever Deals


I’m simply obsessed with saving but I absolutely love shopping , even mundane grocery shopping is fun for me and more so when I know I’m saving at the same time, Black Friday last year was euphoric for me – my dream come true would be if we could coupon like in the States.Think of the show Extreme Coupon.

Well I’ve come across something that is one step closer to coupon heaven.Thanks to Unilever.

I simply registered and now its a quick browse through the specials before I go to the shops and click on the coupons I’ll use so I’m ready when I get to the stores.

#iheartsaving click here for Unilever Website

I came across the GIF below via http://www.everything4less.co.za


Nice and easy explanation on how Unilever Deals works.

Lets Start Saving.

Note:This is not a sponsored post – if I can save I want others to save as well.



Neon Necklace – Easy DIY


A quick assessment of my wardrobe had me conclude that I’ve got a lot of dark blues and navy clothing.I love to add bright accessories to these such as a gorgeous citrus necklace or cerise and even more so a cute neon yellow something  especially since I have these pretty sandals (see below) to match.

Only problem is that I haven’t been able to find a neon yellow necklace to add to any of my ensembles.So what do you do when you can’t shop?      You DIY.

This was an especially inexpensive project as I spent R30.00 on the necklace at Checkers and because I didn’t want to spend R 100.00 on spray paint since it was such a minute project, I sent out a broadcast message to family and asked if anyone had a neon yellow spray paint bottle lying around in their garage.Within minutes I had an answer.




I love how it turned out.


Personalised Monogram DIY – Part One


I’ve been working on my living room PHOTO wall for sometime now.Its almost there.I want to share with you how easy it was to create our pretty wooden monogram and it only cost R150.00 incl postage.

Its really easy –  follow the instructions below; start with the surname (thats the biggest of the letters and is in the centre I’m going to make this “S”

“A” will be the 1st letter in my name which happens to be Ana

“B” will be the 1st letter in the 2nd persons  name or if you are personalising a monogram for yourself then it will be your second name or 2nd surname eg: Bill

I got started by using MS Word.

  1. Create new Document – Name and save it at this stage
  2. Go to INSERT then WORD ART
  3. Choose the very 1st one – see picmgfamono.02
  4. Type the 1st letter of your Surname in the font (I used “Janda Cheerful Script”) you have selected
  5. At this stage I’ve also changed the coloring of my letters to plain black – both the text fill and text outline
  6. Once you are satisfied with the size and font you going to right-click and copy and pastemgfamono.03
  7. You will then create the next letter in your 1st name “A”mgfamono.05
  8. Then follow the above steps again and erase and write in the next desired letter – in this case “B”
  9. If you wanted to do your whole families 1st names surrounding your Surname letter (the middle one) you would then follow the above steps until desired – as you can see from my main photo that I did all our 1st name letters surrounding the main middle “S”.
  10. Once you have all the names play around with each letter to see how best they look surrounding the middle lettermgfamono.06
  11. When you finished arranging the letters and you are satisfied – click on “Save As” and PDF it.
  12. Once PDF-ed you ready to send it off to my favourite Laser-Cutting Company – Liqerish


I had mine made in its raw wooden state as I couldn’t decide what colour to paint it as yet.


From the PDF tot he Finished product on the right hand side

If you recall I’ve also used them when we did the personalised name for the Santa Shoebox project.


Be sure to drop by and see you soon for Part Two.

FYI: This is not a sponsored post I just love what they do.

Safety When Shopping – Perfect for Moms

mgfasafetybag- cover

Lets face it – Moms are BIG-RED-TARGETS for thieves.We busy trying to juggle everything from the kids,the shopping list,maneuvering the isles with prams/trollies you name it we doing it.

Back when I was a “Rookie” mom on the rare occasion (I’m not kidding it was rare because it was just so much  work to get one tiny baby out along with the equipment that goes with the little tike)I recall a morning when I decided I had to get out the house,I got all dressed up,double breast padded the ladies , dressed into my Post-maternity gear and off I went.Th e whole trip consistent of only entering 3 stores in 3 hours.In between there was a feeding,burping and nap along with a massive number two that required all clothing to be changed.

Anyway those trips where rare – however it didn’t stop me from being the target of a thief.This cow of a thief (I remember her coming very close to my baby , to my pram – mama lioness was not happy.She took the opportunity when my son started to cry and I went from the back of the pram (where all moms hang said nappybag) to the front to comfort my sweet sweet little angel.I walked back and the bag was still swinging back and fourth.The cow had stolen my cellphone.

These days I’m a lot more Ninga-Lioness-Mom , I’m ready come near me and I’m going to break your nose along with some teeth.The things I carry around with me I’ve worked bloody hard for them and I’ll be damned if you going to take them.

On two separate occasions I’ve almost been the victim but turned things around.Once at Zara this cow tried to go for the pram and the Blackberry I had between the shading thingy of the pram.She took it but slipped it into some clothing in the store.I left hubby with the boys and ringing my cellphone as I grabbed the cow as she was making her way to the exit.My nail imprints left a good scar but that’s about it and it at least it ended positively without me having to get another phone.

Second occasion was at Makro – once again bag dangling the managed to open the flap of the bag but didn’t have the time to unzip it.A+ for trying because these bastards (two males) began following us.My husband was going off at me that I was paranoid and how can I do this and that.Next thing he kept quite – he realized they were following us.I walked to the toy aisle and ambushed them.Blocking the one with our trolley and myself screaming “SECURITY SECURITY”at the time of my lungs.Bastard number one ran but the guy in front of me was in a panic when I looked away for a second to tell hubby to get security he made a road runner dash right out of there never to be seen again.

These days my 1st stop at Makro is the sporting goods section I kid you not I walk around with a baseball bat.I refuse to be a victim any longer.

We all recall this video doing its rounds a few months back right?Click on Pic to take you to the video.This made my blood boil how easy they took her cellphone.


So what precautions do I take? They might not be ninja perfect but I like to feel like I’ve taken the precaution and the steps in the right direction.Like many of you I’m a busy mom to two little boys.I need my hands free to select the items we need and still push a trolley so I carry a plain black crossbody bag.(I got mine from Woolworths).

There are steps I take before I get out the car (oh and FYI my bag does not leave my person for anything even when I’m driving).

My bag is always facing the wrong way – bag pockets and zips always tend to be in the front so I put these facing my tummy.


Cellphone is always on high with the flashing light (Quick find in that dark bag) and is always always in the ZIPPED closed area of my bag.

The ZIPPER PULL is always slipped in between the strap fastening – you want to steal from me I’m going to make you work for it!



My bag is always in the front and not to the side or the back.

Most of all – be on the look-out at all times.

The above are the precautions I take – the precautions that make me feel safer or at least feel like I’ve made it harder for a perpetrator to make me their next victim.

What steps do you take?Share with us via the comments

Be safe and enjoy